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As you start printing larger models, you may start to notice that even through the first few layers of your part successfully adhered to the bed, later on the part begins to curl and deform. This curling can be so severe that it actually causes part of your model to separate from the bed, and may cause the entire print to eventually fail. This behavior is particular common when printing very large or very long parts with high temperature materials such as ABS. The main reason for this problem is the fact that plastic tends to shrink as it cools. For example, if you printed an ABS part at 230C and then allowed it to cool to room temperature, it will shrink by almost 1.5%. For many large parts, this could equate to several millimeters of shrinkage! As the print progresses, each successive layer will deform a bit more until the entire part curls and separates from the bed. This can be a challenging issue to solve, but we have several helpful suggestions to get you started.


The distance between the nozzle and the platform largely determines whether the prints can be firmly glued on the platform. So, make sure you have leveled and calibrated the platform before printing. According to the auto-leveling section on your mostfun pro manual for rightly leveling your Pro. What you should be remembered is that after auto-leveling the distance between the nozzle and the platform is 1mm, but after calibration, the distance is 0.1mm.


2、Check the build plate

In the course of continuous use. the build plate may be distort because of the movement of the build plate or violence removal of the prints . If your build plate is out of shape, then whatever you do to level the platform, your big sizes prints are always warping. There are two ways to deal with this problem. One is to take off the bulid plate and make it “original”, your may want to use a hand mallet and some calibration tools to help you with that. The other way is to use a pair of clips to fix the build plate with the platform in diagonal, and make sure the clips will not attach other parts of the platform and will not influence printing.


3、Use a Heated Bed
Mostfun Pro come equipped with a heated bed that can help keep the bottom layers of your part warm throughout the print. For materials such as ABS, it is common to set the heated bed temperature to 70~100°C, which will significantly reduce the amount of plastic shrinkage in these layers. To adjust your heated bed temperature, click on “Settings” in C4M DEV, select “Bed temperature”. You can click on the temperature setpoint to edit the value.


4、Brims and Rafts
If you have already tried all of the other suggestions, but your parts are still curling later on in the print, then you can also try including a brim or a raft with your print. These features will help hold the edges down and may warp less, since they are typically only a few layers tall. Please click “Settings——Platform adhesion type” in C4M DEV(mostfun recommended you to chose “raft”, generally it can get a better effect on your prints. Raft can also help you to take the prints off your platform. ). If you want to learn more about these options, you can go to Print Not Sticking to the Bed section.

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