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Clogged Extruder

Your 3D printer must melt and extrude many kilograms of plastic over its lifetime. To make things more complicated, all of this plastic must exit the extruder through a tiny hole that is only as big as a single grain of sand. Inevitably, there may come a time where something goes wrong with this process and the extruder is no longer able to push plastic through the nozzle. While this may be daunting the first time it happens, but we will walk through several easy troubleshooting steps that can be used to fix a jammed nozzle.


There are two different situations that cause a clogged extruder, one is the filament stuck in the feed port, the other is  the filament stuck in the pipe of the nozzle.

When the filament stuck in the feed port:nozzle clog

1、Manually pull out the filaments whlie heating

Connect your computer or other devices to mustfunPro and login mostfun panel. Heat your extruder to 230℃, press the rocker with one hand and use needle-nose pliers or  tweezers to pull out the filament.


2、Manually push the filaments into the extruder
If the stuck filament is too tiny to pull out, you should according to the Loading Filaments section on your mostfunPro manual, enable the “Refill & Leveling” function on the machine‘s screen, select “Refill & Test”, click “Test” and at the same time reload a new filament, until the new filaments is extruded the problem is fixed. If you are still failed, then you may need an M1.5 allen driver to help you with that.



When the filament stuck in the pipe of the nozzle:

When you are trying to reload filaments but found that the filament stuck and you can’t push it into the extruder, and when your test to extrude, the machine has a sound like “du du du..” , and there is no filaments came out, you may encounter this problem.


1、Manually push the filaments into the extruder

One of the first things you may want to try is manually pushing the filament into the extruder. Open mostfun Panel and heat your extruder to 230℃, then press the rocker. In many cases, this added force will be enough to advance the filament past the problem area.


2、Reload the filaments

If the filaments still can not be extruded, you can try to reload the filaments.Make sure the extruder is heated to an appropriate temperature. As has said before, if the filaments can not move, you can manually added force to it. Once the filament is removed, use a pair of scissors to cut away the melted or damaged portion of the filament. Then reload the filament and see if you are able to extrude with the new, undamaged section of filament.


3、Push the filaments with an M1.5 allen driver

If reload the filaments does not work, get the machine heat to around 230℃ and then press the rocker, stuck the M1.5 allen driver to the feed port, push the filaments, it’s usually make sense.



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