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mostfun Pro troubleshooting

Can’t load filament

1.Make sure that the extruder has been heated to 200℃.

2.Try to insert consumables and press down the rocker, to make consumables firmly held and could not easily pulled out. After that, operate the extruded consumables.


Can’t remove filament

1.Make sure that the extruder has been heated to 200℃.

2.Try to extrude a little material in heating state, and then press down the rocker to remove consumables.


The model warps up or falls off during printing

1.Please Check whether the plate is daubed with the glue stick recommended by Mostfun and whether the glued area is big enough.

2.Try auto-leveling and calibration.


Fail to log into web

1.Make sure that the printer is powered on.

2.Make sure that the machine is connected to a corresponding WIFI with the password correctly entered.


No response on “Taking pictures” 

Currently, “Taking pictures” must be used with mailbox settings. The photos taken will be sent to a preset mailbox automatically. Please check whether the mailbox is successfully set.


Can’t identify an SD card or a model file in U-disk

1. Please check whether the format of model is .gcode.

2.please Check whether the format of SD card or USB-disk is FAT, FAT32 or NTFS.


Fail to preview a model in the Panel

To preview a model, .gcode and .stl files with the same name must be loaded at the same time.


Error Codes are shown during running

Error code 1202 — The flat cable of extruder is not properly connected./The thermometric resistance is not properly inserted or damaged.

Error code 1108— The platform calibration switch shorts out or the extruder calibration switch shorts out.

Error code 1106—Ymax switch (facing the panel) shorts out.

Error code 1107—Ymin switch (facing the motor) shorts out.

Error code 1111— The trigger height of Zmax switch (the bottom of Z-axis) is incorrect.

Error code 1112 — The platform spring is not tightened. The actual height of Z-axis is not correct.

Error code 1109  —Z-axis has not been reset within a prescribed time.

Error code 1103  — The XY direction of extruder is not reset within a prescribed time.

The auto-leveling switch is bumped after stretched out –the Zmin switch of extruder is not properly connected.

Boot in a cooling state. The fan rotates.–The thermometric resistance is abnormal.

When calibrating, the extruder switch is pressed back after stretched out –The flat cable of heated bed is not properly inserted.

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