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Quality assurance

To satisfied our customers with our products, Mostfun strictly abide by the laws and regulations issued by the authorities and set up a professional customer service.



The whole machine and power supply enjoy 1-year warranty. The extruder, belt, printing platform and other quick-wear parts enjoy 3-month warranty. Tools, accessories, shell, user manual and package, etc. are not within the scope of “1-year free warranty”. For customers that don’t meet free warranty terms, we might charge for the extra material and services.


7-day Return

If our product breaks down during normal use within 7 days after purchasing, consumers can enjoy refunding, replacement, repairing or other customer services.


15day Replacement 

Customer could request to replace a Mostfun 3D printer with the same model and the same specification or choose free repairing, if there is none man-made damage, within 15 days since the purchasing of Mostfun 3D printer (the purchase date is according to the date of invoice or receipt issued by the distributor), that the damage are examined by Mostfun Customer Service Center or by an authorized distributor of Mostfun.


Paid Repairing

In any of the following circumstances, mostfun and its authorized distributors could offer paid repairing according to the following rules:

  1. The free replacement and repair term expires;
  2. Without an effective purchase voucher, or the purchase voucher is inconsistent with the product model;
  3. The purchase voucher or warranty card is damaged and cannot be recognized;
  4. Product is damaged due to use, repair and maintenance against Mostfun Pro User Manual; product damages or dysfunctions caused by the removal, repair or modification of system software or hardware arbitrarily, without being authorized by Mostfun
  5. PCB is burnt due to collision, inundating in liquid, dropping or other man-made reasons;
  6. The customer buys parts and assembles the machine on his own.
  7. Damages caused by the force majeure


How to Get Customer Services


Send e-mail to support@mostfun.cc for technical support

If the problem is caused by hardware based on the judgment of our technical support engineer, you might need to send the product or component back to mostfun Customer Service Center. To avoid possible damages during shipment, it is recommended that you use our original package during the shipping. If the user needs on-site service, testing or maintenance, the resulting traveling expenses shall be borne by the user alone.


Instructions on Delivery 

To deliver product to be repaired to Chengdu mostfun Technology Co., Ltd, please select a prepaid mode (our company doesn’t accept freight collect mode). If you choose express delivery/logistic, it is recommended that you choose DEPPON. The mailing address is as follow:

Receiver: Chengdu mostfun Technology Co., Ltd

Zip Code: 610000

Add: 504, Building 6, D Zone, West Wisdom Valley, 30 Wuxingsan Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Tel: 028-855558824


Generally, we will finish testing or repairing within two weeks. mostfun will pay the return freight of product if it’s within the warranty,

However, it is not liable to bear the freight to mostfun.

Overseas customers must pay for round-trip freight, customs fees, tariffs and other expenses.


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