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Unpacking Your mostfun Pro

mostfun Pro is one of the FDM desktop 3D printers.( FDM is the abbreviation for Fused Deposition Modeling. )

FDM 3D printers melt thermoplastic materials (PLA, ABS, TPU and other materials) and extrude them into semi-molten filaments using high temperature, and pile filaments layer upon layer into a 3D object. This technique is widely-used in prototyping and conceptual designing, to achieve proofing and rapid manufacture.



Product Structure

Extruder: A major component to melt and extrude materials. The major parts include a feed port, rocker, nozzle and cooling fan.

Rotary switch: Move to the left or right. Press down to select. Long press to exit.

Build plate: Fix and load a printed model. Micro USB slot: offline firmware upgrade interface.

Micro USB slot: offline firmware upgrade interface.
USB 2.0 interface: Lower-power-consuming USB storage device, supports USB-disk offline printing.
SD slot: Supports SD insertion and offline printing.

Display: Display operation procedures and internal information about the machine.

Scrap box: Store the residual waste of extruder.

Camera: Observe the printing of model online.


List of Accessories

Power supply and cable (input: 100-240V ~ 4.2A 50/60HZ, output: 24V 9.5A(10A) Max)   ×1

spool holder  ×1

filament spool(PLA)    ×1

spatula  ×1

Philips screwdriver ×1
M2.5 hex wrench  ×1

M1.5 hex wrench ×1

M2 hex wrench ×1

Steel wire ×1

M8.0 L-type box wrech ×1

Glue stick ×1

Filament guide tube ×1

Sickle spanne r×1

Steel brush  ×1


Unpacking the Carton and Installing Accessories

Step 1: Unpack the carton.



Step 2: Take out a square foam in the middle-upper part of carton. Remove mostfun Pro and take out four filament boxes.



Step 3: Grasp the holder at the back of platform (as shown in 1) and lift the platform up, to loosen the lower foam and remove the lower foam.



Step 4: Press the lifted platform (as shown in 3) down to the bottom. Remove the upper foam. When removing the foam, be careful not to bend the flat cable.



Step 5: Remove the sealing tape that fixes the platform.



Step 6: Install the feed tube and the feed tube support. Take out materials and place them on the filament holder.


Install one end of the feed tube to a fixing part of feed tube.



Step 7: Install the scrap box. Insert the steel brush into the scrap box.


Step 8: Connect a power supply in the following sequence, and press the on/off key of machine.


Warning: For your own safety, please follow this sequence when connecting .

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