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Printable Document Production


Achieve the print files


There are three ways to get a model file:

1) designing with a 3D modeling software;

2) downloading from models sharing website;

3) scanning and building with a 3D scanner, which could generate .STL model files. Yet the .STL file could not be used for printing directly. You could use C4M, a slicing software that is customized from open source slicing software, CURA, by MOSTFUN, to convert the .STL file to .GCODE file. Simple to use, nice and clean, C4M could help you to finish the converting efficiently.


Download and install C4M

1.Find C4M installation package in the following URL. Download address: http://mostfun.cn/software

2.Choose the latest version according to your operation system.

3.Double click on the downloaded C4M_DEV.exe and begin to install.

4.Install other accessories by default. Click “Next” until the end of installation.

5.After the installation is completed, C4M will enter setup wizard automatically for the first time. Choose a language, Choose your model, and setup a few steps until setup is finished.


C4M interface


1.Load a model file: Click to open a model file, or drag the file into a C4M window and preview the model.

2.Slice: Slicing will start after clicking on the slice button and it will convert the model into an executable file to Mostfun 3D printer.

3.Save: Save the transcoded file into gcode format, which can be identified by the machine.

4.Print: For online printing.

5.Browse mode: After loading a file, switch between different observation modes, to better analyze the model. It will be enabled after the slicing is performed.

6.Parameter settings: Adjust the parameters of model printing and choose material, model and other parameters.

7.Rotate:  Rotate the view angle of the model on the plate.

8.Zoom: Zoom in or out on the model.

9.Mirror: Mirror the model.


Making a .GCode File

For normal models, it is not necessary to do additional settings . A suitable model file for Mostfun Pro can be created through three simple steps:

Load: Load an .stl model file

Slice: Produce a slicing file manually

Preview:(view mode——layers):preview the model layer by layer

Save: Save the  file

The finished gcode file can be saved in an SD card or U-disk for offline printing. Or a terminal device (a computer and mobile phone, etc.) can be connected to Mostfun Pro via WIFI, for wireless printing.

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