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Using Different Printing Consumables(PLA、TPU、ABS)


Different consumables have different characteristics, but their printing procedures are roughly the same, except that curtain parameters must be adjusted when slicing with slicing software (e.g. C4M);

In C4M, as long as a consumable type (PLA/ABS/TPU) is selected, corresponding settings will be changed automatically, without the need to set each parameter manually: (Note: After ABS is selected, the heated bed will be started automatically. The specific parameters of heated bed can be set in Bed Temperature).

For details about C4M, please refer to http://mostfun.cn/makeprintfile.

Consumables provided by different vendors with different production processes and raw materials may require different printing settings on temperature and other parameters. Different 3D printers with varied extruder or cooling fan(etc) may require different temperature settings.

Therefore, for different materials and machines, parameters may vary. Thus, it requires users to modify according to experience.


The following settings are major parameters settings of Mostfun pro for different consumables tested by Mostfun (consumables provided by Mostfun)



Printing temperature: 200℃~210℃

Printing speed: 50mm/s~80mm/s



Printing temperature: 235℃

Printing speed: 50mm/s~60mm/s



Printing temperature: 235℃

Bed temperature: 70℃

Printing speed: 50mm/s~80mm/s


Note: When printing with ABS, it is necessary to insert an air controller into the fan cover of extruder, to control the air volume and achieve better printing quality. 

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