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Selecting an External File to Print


mostfun Pro supports two types of external storage, SD card and USB-disk for printing.


SD card and USB-disk SPEC

SDHC Card Slot
Supported SD card formats: FAT, FAT32, NTFS
Supported Maximum SD card memory: 32G

USB Slot
Type: USB2.0

Output: 5V 0.5 A

Support device: USB-disk

Note: Only .gcode files are supported in the extra storage, .STL model files need to be convert into .gcode file by slicing software (e.g. CURA) first, before printing.

To make a print file, please refer to http://mostfun.cn/makeprintfile.

Select an external file to print


Turn on mostfunPro. Wait until LCD on the lower left shows the following interface (Meanwhile, the LED on the panel flashes twice, suggesting that the printer has been booted up successfully)



Inserting an External Storage

Copy the prepared gcode model files into a SD card, USB-disk or other external storage devices. For details about the generation of gcode, please refer to: http://mostfun.cn/makeprintfile

Connect an SD card or USB-disk to a corresponding port. If Mostfun Pro detects the presence of an external file, LCD will show a corresponding prompt.


Selecting a File for Printing

Press down the rotary switch and select a gcode file for printing.

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