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Resume and Stop Printing

mostfun Pro enables users to pause, resume and stop printing.



In the printing process, press down the rotary switch, “Pause” will be shown on the screen. After selecting “Pause”, there will be a prompt “Yes” or “No”. If you want to pause the printing, choose “Yes”. The machine will pause the current printing and move to a corresponding position. Then it enters a pause state. To print a model with colorful layers, you could change the printing material with another color easily during the pause process, by selecting “RELOAD & TEST”   For details, please refer to http://mostfun.cn/uploaddownload-filement/.




After a pause, if you need to resume printing, press down the  rotary switch, “Resume” will be shown on the screen. Select “Yes” and the printer will resume the printing.

Notes: Before resuming printing, a nozzle will be moved over the scrap box automatically. The residual materials on the nozzle can be cleaned with a steel brush.



In any printing process, you can stop printing whenever you need.

Notes: After selecting “Stop”, the printing process will not be resumed.


Breakpoint printing:

Pause and save the model A at a point during its printing process. Then you could spend your time finishing printing any other Model B. After Model B is done, you could resume to print Model A from the place it was stopped.



Operating Procedures:

Step1: During the printing of Model A, click the rotary switch and select “Pause and save” on LCD menu. Remember the name of the Model A.

Step2: Remove the current plate and replace it with a new plate. Select any other model B to print.

Step3: In the LCD menu, select “Saved”. Choose the previously paused model and click “Print”.

Notes: To print from a breakpoint, additional plates are required. During breakpoint printing, please do not choose auto-leveling. If the relative height between plate and nozzle is changed, Model A may go wrong. 

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