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Loading Materials


1.Choose a rotary encoder and select “Reloading & levelling” — “Refill & test”;



2.Now, the extruder will move to central platform from the initial position automatically and begin to heat the extruder about 1-2 minutes (as shown in the picture). Wait until the nozzle temperature reaches 200℃ (the button becomes white and red). Click “Next”;



3.Refer to the prompts on screen. Check whether there are any residual filaments in the feed port of extruder. If any, press down the rocker with one hand and pull out consumables with the other, until residual filaments are pulled out;



4.Lead one end of the consumables into a clear feed pipe and a guide clip, through an extruder feed port, into the extruder (as shown in the picture). Press down the rocker with one hand and insert new consumables into the feed port with the other, until materials are pressed when the rocker is loosened. Later, lead the feed pipe into the guide clip, insert it into the feed port and fix it. Note: Check whether the feed pipe and feed pipe support are properly installed before inserting consumables;




5.Click “Test” until consumables are extruded out of the nozzle. Click “OK”.


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