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Functions of the Heated Bed


Functions of the Heated Bed

For printing ABS and other materials, heated bed is an effective auxiliary feature. After heated, materials will be extruded onto a build plate. Due to shrinkage of materials, the first layer adhering to the plane can be easily warped up. After a heated bed is started, since the first layer always maintains a proper temperature, shrinkage and warp-up of model can be avoided. The model can be adhered to the build plate more firmly when printed.


Technical Parameters of the Heated Bed

Effective heating area: 185mm*224 mm

Power: 147W (±10%)

Voltage: DC+24V

Temperature range (at 25℃): 25~100


How to Start a Heated Bed

If the printed consumable is ABS, we recommend setting the bed temperature to 70℃.

For specific settings of C4M software parameters, please refer to: http://mostfun.cn/makeprintfile/


Notes: The heated bed is a heating power device. Starting a heated bed may directly lead to a great increase in power consumption. So if there are no special requirements, it is recommended to shut down the heated bed.

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