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Auto Leveling

Due to shipment and other uncontrollable factors, the relative position between platform and nozzle may change after leaving the factory. So we suggest that you conduct a self-levelling when using Mostfun Pro 3D printer for the first time.

Note: Before self-leveling, please make sure the build plate is clean without sundry, and is completely fixed on the platform pins.

The specific operation is as follows: operate the rotary encoder switch, select “Refill & leveling”— “Auto leveling”— “Start”.

After running a self-leveling program, the extruder will stop at about 1 mm above the midpoint of build plate (the nozzle is 1mm from the build plate). If the distance is 1 mm, click “Apply”. If you find the distance has a big deviation, or you are not sure whether the current distance is 1 mm, then select “Adjust”, move the platform up and down using the rotary encoder (the red arrow stands for selected. Press down the rotary encoder to execute). Adjust the distance between nozzle and platform, until the distance between nozzle and platform is 0.1 mm (the nozzle just doesn’t contact the build plate, or the distance between platform and nozzle can only hold a common A4 printing paper. Pauses may be felt when dragging. After completing the above, click “Apply”.

Note: After calibration, the distance between nozzle and platform is 0.1 mm (not 1 mm).


After a successful self-leveling, there is no need for leveling and calibration in subsequent printings. Users can load a model file and print directly. For details, please refer to http://mostfun.cn/auto-levelling/.

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