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Introduction of mostfun Panel



mostfun Panel is a web control platform , developed by MOSTFUN, which allows user to log in a web interface to print, supervise and perform other operations on mostfun Pro..


Logging in mostfun Panel

1.Check the hotspot & IP of the mostfun Pro

Operate Mostfun Pro control panel, “Connection information” – “AP mode”


2.Scan and connect a terminal device

Open “WIFI Settings” on the terminal device, scan WIFI, find the hotspot provided by the MOSTFUN PRO, then connect. The default password is “mostfunPro”.


3.Enter IP in the browser

Open a web browser on the terminal device. Enter the IP in the address bar and log in Mostfun Panel. The default password is “mostfun”.


Home Page



Recording Video and Taking Pictures

Video Recording: Click “Camera” during printing. Enable the feature of “video recording ” to observe the printing status on the web.
Picture Taking: Click “Taking Pictures” during printing. An email with the photo will be sent to a preset mailbox immediately.


Temperature Window

After a printer is connected successfully, the temperature window will show the temperature setting and current temperature of extruder and heated bed. The temperature curve shows current temperature.


Gcode Console

The information bar displays information about the machine. Enter G command in the box manually, to control the movement of machine or to see the status of machine;


Emergency Stop

In case of an emergency during printing, click “Emergency stop” to stop any operation of the printer;


Control Panel

Click X, Y, Z and E operations to move the guide left and right, back and forth, move the platform up and down and make the extruder squeeze out.



Start a self-levelling program;


Temperature Setting Area 

It is capable to enable the heating feature and bed heating manually, allowing entering temperature parameters manually and heating to certain temperature ,without starting a printing.


File Management



Load a File

Drag a model file (.gcode/.stl) into a model upload area (red box in the picture) or click this area, to upload the model you want to print.


Storage Space

The yellow box in the picture above shows the total size of storage and used space.


File List

There will be list of name, size, description, upload time and operation options of the files stored in the storage. To sort the file list, you could click corresponding option of the list. The file location is behind the file name.20161013165050

For the uploaded model file, you can view the model through “Preview”. To preview a model, you need to upload a .STL model file with the same name as .gcode. For example, upload birdcage.gcode and birdcage.stl simultaneously. Click “Operations”-”Preview” in file management to view the model.


File Operations

Select a model file that you want to work with, click “Operations”. A dialog box will pop up and show three options- “Delete”, “Preview” and “Print”.

“Delete” – Delete this file from the storage space

“Preview” – Preview the uploaded model

“Print” – Start to print the model



Password Settings

Modify Mostfun Panel password. The original password is “mostfun”.



Firmware Settings

This option shows the version of current mostfun Panel and printer system. Check the current version and latest version, to upgrade the console and firmware online. To upgrade firmware online, you must connect the mostfun Pro to the internet.


Notes: To upgrade a system or console, two important conditions are required:

1.In STA mode, namely, add Mostfun Pro to WLAN as STA.

    2.The wireless network must be accessed to the Internet.


Mailbox Settings

Bind the machine to one of the user’s mailboxes and set the name of mailbox server. A photo-receiving mailbox must be accessed to the internet.




Sender’s name: The sender’s name

Push mailbox: Send an e-mail through this mailbox

Push mailbox password: Fill an authorization code of the mailbox

Mailbox server: The corresponding mailbox server

Mailbox server’s SSL port: The corresponding mailbox server’s SSL port

E-mail prefix: The default prefix is “mostfun”

Receiving mailbox: The receiving mailbox of e-mails


1.Set up a mailbox and click “Save”. The settings will be enabled.

2.E-mails must be sent in STA mode.

3.SMTP services must be opened in the preset mailbox.

4.After setting up a mailbox successfully, click “Taking photos”, a photo shot with camera will be automatically sent to the preset mailbox.


WIFI Settings

Route settings refer to the setting of AP information in the machine. Here, AP’s SSID and the more-than-8-digit password can be modified (the default is password mostfunpro).


In STA mode, Mostfun Pro can be linked to other routers. If the router has been accessed to the Internet, Mostfun Pro can finish online upgrading and e-mail sending, etc.


Language Settings

Currently, Mostfun Pro supports two languages (Chinese/English). Select a language and click “Save”. The selected language will be effected in Mostfun Panel console system immediately.


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