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E-mail Notification

mostfun Pro supports taking pictures and e-mail notification. Below are the detailed procedures:


1.Log In Panel and Enter “Settings”- “E-mail Settings”

For details, please refer to an introduction to the Panel: http://mostfun.cn/mostfun-panel/


2.STA Settings

Connect Mostfun Pro to your WIFI. You can use a computer or mobile phone or other devices connected to the same wireless network to access Mostfun Pro. You can use e-mail notification of Mostfun Pro, when it is accessible to the Internet.


3.Mailbox Settings


Sender name: The sender’s name

Push mailbox: Send an e-mail through this mailbox

Push mailbox password: Fill an authorization code of the mailbox. Here, it is equivalent to a temporary password.

Mailbox server: The corresponding mailbox server

SSL port of Mail server:your Mail SSL port

Mail prefix: The default prefix is “mostfun”

Receiving mailbox: The e-mails address to receive the notification



  • Be sure to “Save” your setting
  • E-mail could only be sent when the printer in STA mode.
  • SMTP services must be enabled in the preset mailbox.
  • After setting up a mailbox successfully, click “Taking photo”, a photo shot with camera will be automatically sent to the preset mailbox.


4.Click “Taking pictures”, open the mailbox and receive the e-mail.

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