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We have two ways to enter Mostfun Panel control page.


AP mode: mostfun Pro has built-in WIFI. You can connect to its hotspot to access directly and log in mostfun Panel.
STA mode: Connect mostfun Pro to a nearby WIFI. Any device in the same hot spot can log in Mostfun Panel.



AP Mode

Setup on Mostfun Pro

1.View the hotspot and IP of the machine.
Operate on the Mostfun Pro’s control panel, “Local information”- “AP mode”



2.The screen will display the following interface, showing the hotspot name (SSID: Mostfun – XXXX) and the IP address ( of the printer.

Setup on a Terminal Device

1.Search the hotspot.

Turn on a computer, tablet or other devices, find the hotspot name (SSID) provided by the printer in the device’s (computer, tablet etc.) network connections.


2.Connect to the hotspot.

Choose the hostpot name of mostfun Pro, click “Connect” and enter the password (the default password is Mostfunpro). Wait until the connection is done.


3.Enter the control panel

Open up a browser and enter the IP address (e.g. on the display in the address bar, to access the login page of panel. (Firefox, Chrome or other browsers are recommended)


1) For Apple devices (with bonjour services), you can enter “ xxx(device name).local” in the browser to detect addresses automatically and log in, for example:


2)For devices (e.g. smartphone or tablet) are capable of scanning QR code, you can just scan the QR code on the display, to log in a printer control site automatically.



5.Enter the password (the default password is mostfun) and log in mostfun Panel interface.

The main user interface of mostfun Panel is as follow:



STA Mode

It’s not recommend to access the printer’s built-in WIFI with multiple devices at the same time, that may make online printing unstable. It’s recommend to add the printer to your WLAN in STA mode. Computers, mobile phones or other devices can connect to mostfun Pro through LAN, which is more stabler than AP Mode supporting more terminals.

Notes: Please use AP mode to configure in Mostfun Panel first. 


Setting WIFI

On the printer control page, select “Setting- WIFI settings”. You can view current STA connections, which are null by default.


Searching WIFI

Click “Refresh” button on the right side of “Available WIFI”, to scan nearby wireless access points.




Choose an access point and click “Connect”. Connect the printer to that wireless network, and then connect a computer or smartphone to the same access point, to access Mostfun Pro on the same LAN.

After those steps above, it should high light the “STA mode” in “Connection information” on the printer’s screen. After entering STA mode, you can see information similar to the aforementioned “AP mode”. Then you could access the printer by typing the IP address in the browser of the computer on the same LAN.


Now, reconnect a computer, tablet or other devices to the same SSID wireless network (SSID in STA information bar). Open a browser and enter the IP address above (IP address in STA information bar), to connect to Mostfun Panel.

Tips: Smart devices on the same LAN can also log in Mostfun Panel by scanning QR code. Devices with bonjour service can also access Mostfun Panel by type in “xxx (device name).local”. 

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