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Upgrading Firmware


Mostfun Pro offers various to upgrade firmware to deal with functional upgrade and update in different settings.


1.Online Update

Log in Mostfun Panel and enter STA mode. Select “Settings” – “Firmware Settings”.

Click “Check update” to check whether the current firmware version is the latest. If update is needed, click “Update”.

(Note: In STA mode, LAN to which Mostfun Pro is connected must access the Internet, to download the latest firmware into the server and install updates.)


2.Offline SD Card /U disk Update

Store the downloaded offline package (.gz format package) in an SD card. Then insert the SD card into a Mostfun Pro card slot. Enter AP mode in the Panel. Select “Settings” – “Firmware Settings” and click “Update”.


3.Offline Computer Update

The required environment to install Mostfun Pro offline computer updates is:

(IntelEdisonDriverSetup1.2.1.exe\ PhoneFlashToolLite_5.3.2.0_win32.exe)

Download the offline computer update package and unzip. Open flashall.bat.

Connect the computer to Mostfun Pro, using a micro USB cable. Then turn on the power of Mostfun Pro. The upgrade program will automatically detect the connected computer and update it automatically.

Wait for update. The whole process takes about 7~ 10 minutes. Wait until the update is finshed. The buzzer will let out an audio prompt. The extruder and platform will be reset automatically, suggesting that the update succeeds.

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