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Upgrading Firmware


mostfun Pro offers various to upgrade firmware to deal with functional upgrade and update in different settings.


1.Online Update

Log in mostfun Panel and enter STA mode. Select “Settings” – “Firmware Settings”.

Click “Check update” to check whether the current firmware version is the latest. If update is needed, click “Update”.

(Note: In STA mode, LAN to which Mostfun Pro is connected must access the Internet, to download the latest firmware into the server and install updates.)


2.Offline SD Card /U disk Update

Insert the firmware file into the U disk or SD card root directory (no decompression), then insert the USB disk or SD card into the printer, connect to the printer control page using the terminal device (PC, phone, tablet) (AP and STA modes are (For example:, the printer automatically enter the upgrade mode, the whole process of about 10 minutes, after the completion of the brush machine to be restarted before the printer can be in the URL address bar manually enter the “printer IP / recovery” Normal use.


3.Offline Computer Update

Download the required drivers for the installation

Download the Edison USB driver (http://downloadmirror.intel.com/24909/eng/IntelEdisonDriverSetup1.2.1.exe) on the official website of intel, double click Run.

Follow the prompts to install, after the success of the installation can see the following figure suggested

Download the dfu-util tool

Place dfu-util.exe in the C: \ Windows \ System32 directory

Download Firmware Compression Pack

Decompress the compressed package all the files, the general compression package folder name “toFlash”

Open the folder, find the file “flashall.bat”, as shown:

Start the upgrade

Edison keep the shutdown state, extract the firmware compression package, double-click the flashall.bat batch file, and then use the MicroUSB data line to connect the Edison backplane to the PC. At this time, Edison starts automatically, the window displays the progress of the brush, waits for the progress to be completed, and the window closes Wait about 3 minutes.

Waiting for the display appears the following interface, that Edison Brush update is complete. Restart a machine before the normal use.

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