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Gluing the Platform


To glue a model firmly to the build plate, a glue stick is recommended to evenly daub the platform. Please be noted the following points while gluing:

1)Ensure the heated bed is in a cooling state before taking out a build plate.


2) Taking out the build plate from the machine and then glue. Don’t glue in the machine directly.


3) The glued area should be greater than the bottom of printed model.


4) When printing, the extruder will print a line between two screws on the build plate, to squeeze out residual materials. Hence, before printing, it is necessary to daub some glue between two screws on the plate.


5) Gluing and cleaning the build plate.

PVP glue stick recommended by Mostfun has water solubility. The glue may be irregularly adhered to the plate after the longtime gluing. It is suggested to remove the plate, take down the calibration switch and clean the plate with water.

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